Liberated Being
Episode 5: Erwan LeCorre: Evolutionary Fitness Erwan LeCorre, founder of MovNat, explains what natural movement really means: it is the movements our ancestors have been doing throughout the history of our species, but which are now often voluntary and not required for daily life. He explains how we’ve become a lot like Chihuahuas, why only doing as much as you can do well trumps brutalizing yourself in your fitness regimen, and how natural movement heals.

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Episode 4: Eric Goodman: Resolving Back Pain

Eric Goodman talks about the major back surgery that was recommended to him at the young age of 25 when he was, to the outside eye, the picture of strength. He discusses how he rehabilitated his way out of pain and dysfunction by developing the Foundation Training. We get into how the notion of the “core” is outdated, why the spine should not be the prime mover of the body, how a functionally integrated posterior chain is crucial, and much more.

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Episode 03: Esther Gokhale: Primal Posture


Esther Gokhale dives deep into her anthropological view into human posture and how it affects the pain epidemic in this interview. We talk about the influence of the fashion industry, why sitting really isn’t the enemy, an S shape vs. a J shape spine, what we’re missing in a culture that doesn’t partake in head carrying, and much more.

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Episode 2: Wendy Powell: Let’s Stop Spot-Treating Postpartum Issues I interview Wendy Powell of MuTu System about why spot-treating postpartum issues like diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction (or really any issue)  doesn’t work, her own less than perfect birth stories, why pushing ourselves into “getting our body back” is not only the least compassionate, but also potentially the least effective route, and the magic of plain old walking.

Episode 1: Original Strength: Getting back to the beginning of movement I interview Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert of Original Strength about why it’s a good idea for your body and your brain to return to some of the rocking, rolling, and crawling movements of infancy, why traditional ab exercises won’t get you a strong core, the downfall of the mobility-stability approach, and why no one should have to settle for aging as a miserable experience.