Liberated Being

This episode functions like a little embodiment gift, courtesy of myself and Liam Bowler, who is the creator of the podcast The Body Awake. It is also an appetizer, a teeny tiny appetizer, of our upcoming weekend course: Living Your Body’s Intelligence, this July 28-29 2018 in Seattle.

So many of you have gotten in touch with me over the years to say how much you liked the “home play” part of the Liberated Body episodes- i.e. the body-based explorations at the end of each show- so you can think of this as one long home play episode! I hope you enjoy it.

If you have listened to Liberated Body and to The Body Awake you know Liam and I are kindred spirits. For both of us our work is dedicated to the larger, and I would say unanswerable inquiries around what is a body? How do we really connect with our bodies and from there with our lives? What gifts does the body have to deliver if we learn how to have an intimate and reciprocal relationship with it?

Over the course of our parallel inquiries it becamse clear that it would be really fun and also uselful to do a class together where we can lead people deep into landing in their bodies, but also to bridge the questions around what you do from there? How does becoming more embodied translate in our lives? How do we change our orientation from concepts and thoughts to being led by our felt experiences and why would we undertake that?

We get into depth with that in our weekend workshop. In this episode there is taste of that- a somatic meditation led by me, and an embodied movement exploration led by Liam. It’s some “land in yourself” assistance- which is where it all starts.