Liberated Being

Today I’m talking with Dr. Ginger Nash. Ginger is a naturopathic physician who has been in practice for over 20 years. Her practice centers around nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy, with a focus on personalized care and treating the underlying causes of disease rather than just symptom management. Her practice offers some of the best technology available for evaluating whole-body health and her particular specialties are women’s hormone balancing, and immune dysfunction such as allergies and auto-immune disease. She also treats a tremendous amount of patients suffering with the long-term effects of infections like Lyme and its common co-infections and many different types of chronic disease.

As you may know if you are a regular listener of this podcast, I don’t often talk with Naturopathic Doctors on the show. This show is dedicated mostly to manual and movement therapy as it relates to our being-ness or how we experience ourselves and the world. So it was probably inevitable that I would have a naturopath on the show eventually to talk about true mindbody medicine from a different point-of-view. So today we’re merging the worlds. Usually I’m coming at things from how our soma and nervous system effect our physiology. Today is a glimpse from the other side, talking about how how our physiology effects our nervous system states and mental health and so much more.

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