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A couple of weeks ago I was talking with David Treleaven about his book and training on Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness. If you missed that episode- it’s a good one- and you can find it in the podcast player you’re on now or at at the podcast tab.

This episode is a personal experience with where trauma met what is often referred to as "spiritual awakening" and how my practice, my approach to the practice (and the goal), and some harmful ideas of what awakening is and what it requires dysregulated me and put me into a tough place. And also how I recovered from that and I view the subject of "waking up" these days. Spoiler: it's still in progress. I hope it can be helpful for anyone who is suffering as a result of their practice. We also go through a specific pointer you can use to make sure your practice is working for you instead of against you.

Also this month Liberated Being is partnering with David Treleaven's Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness training to bring you a chance to go through it at a reduced rate and with some support. To sign up you can go to and use the code LB400.

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